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Black and White Wednesday #84

Tarte au Fromage Frais et aux Pruneaux” by Julia Child

I knew nothing at all about television […] but in June 1962 I taped the three experimental half-hour shows, or pilots, that WGBH suggested.
[…] And after considering dozens of titles, we decided to call our little experiment The French Chef until we could come up with something better.
Now, would there be an audience out there in TV Land for a cooking show hosted by one Julia McWilliams Child?
[…]Our plan was to show a varied but not-too-complicated overview of French cooking in the course of three half-hour shows. We knew this was a great opportunity for…something, none of us was exactly sure what.
Our first show would be called The French Omelette.
[…] we decided to tape the entire show in one uninterrupted thirty-minute take, as if it were live. […] Once I got going, I didn’t like to stop and lose the sense of drama and excitement of a live performance. Besides, our viewers would learn far more if we let things happen as they tend to do in life – with the chocolate mousse refusing to unstick from its mold, or the apple charlotte collapsing.
[…]The response to our shows was enthusiastic enough to suggest that there was, indeed, an audience for a regular cooking program on public television. Perhaps our timing was good. Since the war, more and more Americans had been traveling to places like France and were curious about its cuisine. Furthermore, the Kennedys had installed a French chef, René Verdon, in the White House. Our book continued to sell well. And television was becoming hugely popular, and powerful, medium.
[…] the first show would air in February 1963.

(Excerpted from My life in France, by Julia Child and Alex Prud’homme)

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